6th September 2016

Announcement Sheet

This Sunday (25th February):

  • 11.30am – Morning Worship – Rev. J. Noble.
  • 6.00pm – Prayer Meeting.
  • 6.30pm – Evening Service – Rev. J. Noble.
  • 7.45pm – Alive Youth.

This Week:

  • Monday – 7.45pm – Bowling Fellowship
  • Tuesday – Evening – Girls’ Brigade — Door Cover – Mrs. L. Thompson; Mr. K. Huddleston.
    • 6.30pm – Under 5’s & Explorers (3yrs old – P4)
    • 7.00pm – Juniors (P5 – P7)
    • 7.30pm – Seniors & Brigaders (Yr8+)
  • Wednesday – 10.00am – Parents & Toddlers.
  • Wednesday – 7.25pm – Prayer Meeting
  • Wednesday – 8.00pm – Missionary Midweek Meeting – Speaker will be Donald Fleming from Faith in Action Missions.
  • Wednesday – 8.00pm – Badminton Club.
  • Thursday – 10.30am – Connect.
  • Thursday – Evening – Boys’ Brigade  — Door Cover – Mr. R. Lowe; Mrs. D. Wilson.
    • 6.30 pm – Anchor-Boys (P1 – P4)
    • 7.00 pm – Junior Section (P5 – P7)
    • 7.30 pm – Company Section (Yr8+)
  • Thursday – 7.30pm – Choir.
  • Friday, 1st March – World Day of Prayer – organised by Christian women from Palestine.  The motto for the annual event is “Informed Prayer-Prayerful Action”.  This is especially relevant for the current situation in the Middle East.  For further details, please contact Christine.
  • Saturday, 2nd March – 7pm (doors open 6.45) – All Age Quiz Night.  It is catered for all ages and there is something for everyone, so please do invite and bring all the family. There will be light refreshments served half way through and if you would like to make a donation, it will go towards the Malawi fund. It would be great to see you there.

Prayer Points: 

  • Pray that the youth weekend would have long lasting spiritual implications for the young people there. Pray that God would save any who don’t know Him, and strengthen and protect those who do!
  • Give thanks for the continually increasing numbers in BB & GB.  Pray for God to help the officers and be at work through the Bible Classes.
  • Give thanks for the numbers attending Parents & Toddlers and Connect.  Pray for God to be working there.
  • Pray for the Rev. Smyth as he prepares to preach at a mission in Katesbridge (17th – 24th March).  Pray that God would save souls there.
  • Pray for revival.

Next Sunday (3rd March):

  • 11.30am – Morning Worship – Rev. A. Smyth.
  • 6.30pm – Evening Worship – Rev. A. Smyth.

General Announcements: 

  • A Note from Jemma re: SU — “I am delighted that doors have opened in Carryduff Primary School and we have been invited in to run and develop a Scripture Union group for children in P5,6&7.  The school do not have the capacity to provide anyone to come along and run or to help with the group.  I will be the group coordinator, however I do need others to get involved and help me with this group.  It will be on a Friday afternoon from 3pm-4pm, in the school hall.  If you think you could help by coming a long and being another adult in the room and to support me I would really appreciate your help.  If you would like a role during the session, I am also very happy to give you the materials and you can do that or you can help with discussion groups and with the craft activities.  Again, this can be done on a rota basis and hopefully with the help of the other churches we can have a good group of volunteers on a rota basis. If you think you would be able to help with this please speak to me (Jemma) ASAP.
  • A Note from Jemma re: Youth Club Leaders — “Thank you to the Kirk Session for passing the introduction of a youth club. I hope to run a youth club starting after Easter, that will run every other week on Saturday evenings from 7-9pm. This can only happen with enough help and support at the club with a variety of roles to be filled. With enough leaders and helpers, I hope there can be a rota in place with people only doing one night every 4-6 weeks. Roles include: Registration, games/sport activities, tuck shop and someone in the hall foyer, on the door.   If you would like to volunteer please contact Jemma ASAP, so that Youth Club can be advertised in good time.  If you have any questions in regards to this, please feel free to contact me.”
  • Book Shelf: It’s great to know that some people are using our bookshelf in the halls’ foyer to browse and borrow…or to “gift” books to friends!  We are hoping to extend this to children’s books as many children from our local community attend our organisations. So if your weans have enjoyed reading Christian books and the books have survived in good condition, please donate them.  They can be left in a box beside the shelves… many thanks