6th September 2016

Announcement Sheet

This Sunday’s (26th) Details:
10.30am Sunday School & Teen Talk – please don’t forget both Sunday School and Teen Talk are back now!
11.30am Morning Service:
  • We will meet in our Meeting House at 11.30am this Sunday morning.
  • For those of you who will join us virtually, please keep an eye on our YouTube channel.  The recording will be uploaded when the in-person service completes ~1pm.
6.00pm Prayer Meeting
6.30pm Evening Service – we will meet in our Meeting House this Sunday evening.
7.45 – 9.00pm Alive Youth Restarts – call out to all our young people!
This Week:
  • Tuesday, 28th September @7.30pm – Kirk Session Meeting, in church halls.
  • Wednesday, 29th September @7.25pm – Prayer Meeting in Church Building.
  • Wednesday, 29th September @8.00pm – Midweek Bible Study.
Next Sunday (3rd):
  • Sunday School @10.30am
  • Morning Service @11.30am – Rev. A. S. Smyth.
  • Communicant Enquiry Classs @3.00pm
  • Prayer Meeting @6.00pm
  • Evening Service @6.30pm
Prayer Points:
  • Pray for new members for the BB & GB.  We’re hoping to be able to give a leaflet out in schools – pray that that can go ahead and that children and parents would respond.
  • Give thanks for Rev. & Mrs. Smyth being with us 25 years! Pray God would bless Rev. Smyth’s ministry into the future and that he would know His leading and help.
  • Give thanks for last week’s sermon.  As was Paul about what was happening around him in Athens, pray that we would be concerned for God’s GLORY!


  • Communicant Enquiry Classes: If anyone has become a Christian through saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and is considering becoming a Communicant Member of the Congregation, please inform the Rev. Smyth and a series of Communicant Enquiry Classes will be arranged prior to November Communion.  Likewise, if anyone wishes to transfer their Communicant membership from another Congregation to CPC, speak to the Rev. Smyth or to the Clerk of Session, Mr. Ian Montgomery.
  • Uniformed Organisation Return:  We are planning for our Girls’ Brigade to return on 5th October and our Boys’ Brigade to return on 7th October.  Please spread the word – it would be great to see more signing up!