16th May 2020


We understand that these are uncertain and difficult times and are conscious that many are having to deal with fears around health, social isolation and financial uncertainty.  However, some in the congregation have asked about making contributions in the absence of meeting in the church building.

If you normally contribute by envelope during weekly church services and would like to contribute now, please use one of the following methods.

Set up an Online Bank Transfer (one-off or monthly):

If you wish to donate via online banking, you can setup either a one-off or monthly transfer to the account below.  When doing this, please put your name and WFO number in the reference box.


Postal Donations:

You can donate by sending a cheque to the Treasurer. When doing this, please write your WFO number on the reverse of your cheque.  Alternatively, you could include your WFO envelope when posting the cheque.  Please do not post cash donations.  Please contact the Treasurer (treasurer@carryduffpresbyterian.org.uk) for postal address details.

Cash Donations:

If you are unable to use online banking or make a postal donation, you can place your weekly cash donation in your envelope(s) as usual and bring these to the first service when church resumes.  Or, send an email to the Treasurer (treasurer@carryduffpresbyterian.org.uk) and he will arrange collection.

Giving to Storehouse:
Obviously all our church buildings are closed so our normal Storehouse procedures are also halted.  Details of how you can continue to support the work of Storehouse – through donations of food and/or money – can be found online.