16th December 2016

Church Graveyard

In April 2015, our graveyard subcommittee undertook the rather significant task of re-registering the church graveyard. Notices of the re-registration process were posted publically to newspapers and internally to our church attenders through the weekly notices. The graveyard subcommittee convener also dispatched individual letters to the previously registered addresses for any plots which had not been re-registered within timelines detailed in publicly available notices. It should be noted that the re-registration process has now been completed and that church records have been updated in regards to all burial rights. All persons who have successfully re-registered their assigned grave(s) have now been issued with a confirmation/receipt and any graves that were not re-registered will now be deemed to have been abandoned and will therefore be subject to re-letting. Should there be any outstanding queries on the process, or if you are not in receipt of your grave re-registration confirmation, we kindly request that you address this in writing to the graveyard subcommittee convener or to the congregational committee secretary.