7th June 2016


We strongly encourage our church members to become involved in the life of the congregation, either as a participant or as a leader!  Information on our organisations can be found using the Organisation menu above; however, if more information is required, enquiries can be addressed to the nominated person detailed below:

  • Alive Youth – Miss. R. Hendren.
  • Badminton Club – Mr. B. Lowry
  • Boys’ Brigade – Mr. L. Carson
  • Bowling Club – Mr. L. Carlisle
  • Children’s Church – Mrs. C. McCaughey
  • Church Choir – Mr. A. Reid
  • Creche – Mrs. B. Beck
  • Girls’ Brigade – Mrs. R. Lowe
  • League of Church Loyalty – Mrs. H. Campbell
  • Leprosy Mission – Mr. N. Martin
  • MAN: – Mr. G. Murphy
  • Men’s Fellowship – Mr. W. Jebb
  • Parents and Toddler’s Club – Mrs. L. Smyth
  • Presbyterian Herald – Mr. G. Gregg
  • Presbyterian Women – Mrs. V. Stevenson