21st March 2020

COVID-19 Updates

While we cannot meet together as a church family in our church buildings, we will be continuing to share through Email, Website, WhatsApp & Social Media Channels.  We will endeavour to also upload documents, shared through those mechanisms, to this page.

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Good Friday Service Links – Friday 10th April:
Full CPC KPC and TPB Service

Links Shared for Sunday 5th April:

Niomi’s Children’s Address
Full CPC Service – Rev. A. S. Smyth
Information on Nationwide Call to Prayer

Links Shared for Sunday 29th March:
Niomi’s Children’s Address
Full CPC Service – Rev. A. S. Smyth

Documents Prepared on 26th March:
This letter will be posted to the congregation over the coming days.
20200326 – Update from Pastoral Team

Online Prayer Meeting on 25th March:
We will have our first online prayer meeting on 25th March at 7.15pm.  Please contact secretary@carryduffpresbyterian.org.uk if you need more details.

Links Shared for Sunday 22nd March:
Niomi’s Children’s Address
Moderator’s Sunday Sermon
A Message from Rev. Smyth

Documents Shared on 21st March:
20200321 – CPC Email Update
20200320 – Lets Pray Details

Documents Shared on 19th March:
20200319 – Rev Smyth Update Coronavirus

Documents Shared on 15th March:
COVID-19 Update